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Rabu, 31 Oktober 2012

Universitas Budi Luhur Terbaik di Jakarta

International Class

Budi Luhur University is a leading private university in Jakarta, which has experienced more than 30 years and has more than 8,000 active students. In 2010 the Budi Luhur University in cooperation with HZ University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands offer international-class program : IBMS (International Business & Management Studies). Due to the impact of globalization, the demand for internationally oriented managers, has also increased. IBMS graduate students have the potential to develop careers in international business.
Professional managers should use the approach, empathy and social skills to collaborate with experts in various disciplines. Extensive knowledge of the organization, business and international trade will place graduates IBMS as a negotiator at the management level, both internal and external. IBMS focuses on the ability to build and maintain extensive international network, the application of knowledge and skills in the field of Marketing, Management and Financial Management. International Business & Management Studies Program emphasizes the right personal attitude in the relationship between culture and international trade.
  • The whole process of teaching and learning using English language. If students have deficiencies in English, then we will help increase students’ ability to take a course before classes begin.
  • Students get a two degree from Budi Luhur University and HZ University. Students who wish to continue their studies in Indonesia, just get only one degree from Budi Luhur University but will get international experience by following  study trip to Holland for free.
  • The international strategic policy of the company; its preparation, implementation and assessment;
  • Corporate planning; its evaluation concerning international regulations, legal aspects and case law;
  • Definition and management of international purchasing and sales processes;
  • International marketing and sales: development and implementation of marketing plans;
  • Development of proposals and execution of international market surveys;
  • International finance : financial analysis and problem solving;
  • Specification the organization’s ICT requirements
learning program scheme

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